Business Analytics Drive Results

Every Business Owner Has Access To Game-Changing Data: Few Use It, Most Ignore It

Let’s change that together and help business owners be better business owners and run more effective, efficient, successful businesses.

The Case For Analytics

Smarter Business Decisions Drive Meaningful Results

You can’t build a successful business on assumptions, best guesses, and crossed fingers. Well, maybe you can. But that’s a long, slow, rough road to travel. And why would anyone choose to make business harder when there’s an easier, smarter, faster way to reach the same destination?!

The secret to building an email list, attracting more clients, and growing a business without working around the clock, blowing all of your money on ineffective marketing tactics, or hawking your wares on social media is data.

When you track the right metrics and gather the right data for your business, every decision is better, more strategic, and more purposeful — and you make those decisions more quickly and with more confidence.

Lorraine Watson Analytics Expert And Speaker
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Practical, Actionable Takeaways

“I’m so glad I made time for this!”

The goal of every interview, presentation, or training is to hear your members, audience, or listeners say, “That was worth every minute! I understand this so much better now and feel more empowered to look at my data.”

While the exact takeaways vary based on the audience and their level of knowledge, here are some typical objectives:

  • Debunk common analytics myths and misunderstandings.
  • Discover the different types of data available and learn which metrics do and don’t matter so you can stay focused.
  • Explore the types of questions that must be asked when setting up analytics and measurement tools.
  • Understand how analytics data reveals your business reality so you can stop working off assumptions.
  • Realize what’s possible for your business (and revenue) when you have access to the right data.

Meet Lorraine Watson: The Analytics And SEO Expert You You Need

Lorraine Watson

I’m that person standing on a soapbox with a cat on her shoulder proclaiming that smart businesses make data driven decisions. And I’m not wrong. Far too many businesses make critical decisions based on best guesses and crossed fingers — I put a stop to that impending disaster by making metrics and data more accessible and understandable.

I Help Business Owners:

Learn about and understand SEO and Analytics.

Identify the data they need to collect to reach their goals.

Interpret analytics data to make smart decisions that move their goals forward.

Increase qualified traffic and visibility with organic and paid search engine optimization.

Get the results they really want from their websites.

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Lorraine Watson is the analytics and SEO expert your community will thank you for finding. She removes all jargon and complexity from hard to grasp topics, and makes even the most head-exploding concepts easy to understand.

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When you book Lorraine to join you on your podcast, speak at your event or virtual summit, or be a guest expert in your coaching program or community, she’ll share relatable stories, provide practical and actionable insights, and empower business owners at any stage of business to do more with their data.

Lorraine regularly helps business owners:

  • Learn about and better understand Analytics and SEO, and how they work together.
  • Identify the right metrics to track and data to collect to achieve their goals.
  • Interpret analytics data and use it to make smart decisions that move the needle.
  • Increase qualified website traffic and visibility with organic and paid search engine optimization.
  • Get the results they really want from their websites.
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