Smack Talk That’s Actually Helpful

The Data That Drives Most Small Business Decisions Is A Dumpster Fire Of A Mess

Analytics, KPIs, SEO — it’s hard, complex, and confusing, and the learning curve is steep! It’s also why you’ll rarely see us “agitate the problem” or communicate in big words and jargon just to seem smarter and get you to hire us. #Gross

With that said, we’ve got opinions (and cats) and we’re not afraid to share them.

So, please enjoy as we step on our soapbox, talk smack, share our pet peeves, and offer up insights and education as we go…

Your Business (and dreams) Deserve Quality data

Say no to vanity, feel-good, surface-level data, rose-colored metrics, and experts that tell you what you want to hear, and say yes to objective facts, metrics that matter, strategic data, and total clarity from experts who tell you what you need to hear.

Data Quality Matters

Most Business Decisions Are Made With Poor Quality Data, The Wrong Data, Or No Data

It’s understandable. You’re didn’t want to become a data analyst and we know you have more pressing things that require your attention. It’s also why, if you’re like most small businesses, you likely face one of these data-related challenges:

  1. Analytics wasn’t installed or set up, and you’re collecting no data about what’s happening in your online world.
  2. Analytics wasn’t set up correctly on your website, so now it’s providing incorrect or misleading data.
  3. Only the basic analytics setup was done, so your data is accurate but missing your “move the needle” metrics.
  4. Analytics is installed correctly and collecting strategic data but no one is looking at it or using it.
  5. Analytics is working properly and you regularly look at the data but you don’t know what to do with it.

If we’re right, and one of these describes your business, it’s okay. This is super common because again, it’s hard. Don’t feel bad. Don’t waste another minute feeling frustrated. Helping you navigate these issues is the entire focus of our business.

Tough truth:

Gathering data does nothing for you if you don’t or can’t use it. It also doesn’t matter if the metrics you’re tracking aren’t relevant to your unique business and the goals you’re working toward.

If your Decision-making = Crossed-fingers + Hope…

You Need A Data Strategy For Your Business

When business decisions — like what to offer, what to create next, what to market, what to change, and even what to say yes and no to — are based on guessing and googling, your goals and dreams are put at risk.

But with a data strategy…

You know what’s working, not working, and why, which means you know what to change and what to do next.

If you’ve been flying by the seat of your pants, you’re likely frustrated by all the time and money wasted on tactics that have produced little to no results.

Thankfully, with a data strategy…

Every minute and dollar spent working on your business advances your goals. And that’s pretty great if you also like to enjoy life and don’t have a money tree in your backyard.

You likely have experienced spikes in traffic and sales, but because you didn’t know why, you couldn’t replicate those results. And to be fair, what you’re doing is working, results just aren’t that great or consistent.

Data strategy to the rescue…

Defining and tracking metrics that matter to your business ensure you achieve better outcomes.

Experimentation Not Best Guesses

We Throw Spaghetti And We Like It

Data helps you reduce risk and make educated decisions. It does NOT eliminate all risk and guarantee every decision will be perfect. That’s why we experiment.

There’s a difference.
And don’t believe anyone who tells you otherwise.

We’ll shake our fists in the air about the importance of experimentation day in and day out. Beyond the data itself, experimentation is the foundation of gathering information, making and testing hypotheses, refining your strategy, and adjusting tactics to drive better results from your marketing, advertising, and lead generation activities, while also improving your search engine optimization, website, and conversions.

So Yes, We Throw Spaghetti And See What Sticks

But first, we note every detail about the pasta and the sauce, and define what to test and why. Then we chuck that bowl at the wall and watch to see what happens. If we get the results we want, we know how to repeat it. If we don’t, we evaluate the data — like the type of pasta used, the consistency of the sauce, and how hard we threw it — tweak our approach, and try it again.

And, with each test, we get closer to the desired result and accelerate outcomes with less effort and less resources — and this is when things get really fun!

Gaining Business Intelligence

The Way Business Data Is Collected, Analyzed, And Used Evolves As Technology Evolves

Some “analytics experts” still follow the same processes learned at the start of their careers — gather a bunch of data, try to decide what it means, and figure out what to do with it — because that’s how it’s always been done.

There’s just one problem with how it’s always been done: Technology has changed (and keeps changing), which means how you use it has to change. Today’s “best practice approach” is to define a data strategy by:

  • Understanding your goal and the problem to be solved.
  • Identifying the metrics that matter and the relevant data sources.
  • Defining your measurement, analysis, and and reporting plan.
  • Collecting data and using the insights to guide your decisions.

Data Cookie-Cutters Suck

Your Passion And Hard Work Deserve More Than A One-Size-Fits-All Analytics Solution

It would be a lot easier to offer the same flat-rate analytics package with a predefined scope of work to every potential client. Other data experts do this to make working with small businesses less hands-on and more profitable because they just see you as another revenue stream.

Cue our disgusted, disgruntled, grumpy cat faces!

We’re sick of the big guys selling small businesses solutions designed to use as little of their time as possible and only deliver mediocre results. Is it better than nothing? Sometimes. Is it what you deserve or need? No.

Basic Doesn’t Drive Results

Basic Analytics And Basic SEO Mislead Business Owners And Create False Confidence

Too many experts add basic analytics and basic SEO to website packages to add value and get people like you to hire them. They do the bare minimum, pat themselves on the backs for going above and beyond, and move on.

Unfortunately, you don’t know the consequences of basic, and because what they said sounded good, you never question if basic is the right approach.

We regularly talk to business owners who believe they’re “doing analytics and SEO” and want to increase efforts see better results. But when we look under the hood, what’s been done is so basic, it’s basically useless.

A better business partnership

Your Ongoing Data Strategy Should Be As Unique As Your Business, Brand, And Goals

Do we have a defined, proven data analysis process? You bet we do! Each step is customized for your business and goals. Do we also partner with clients to put their data to use over time? Absol-freaking-lutely!

What we recommend (and typically implement for you) based on our analysis is also custom. With that said, the tactics typically fall into three areas:

  • SEO: Boosting rankings, discoverability, and click-through rates, and driving more traffic to your website from search engines.
  • Website: Improving your website user experience, copy, content, and on-page optimization to increase conversion rates.
  • Brand: Elevating your brand (and data) across email marketing, social media, advertising, profile listings, and more.

Empowering small business

Our Goal Is To Help You Achieve Your Goals Faster

We love helping small businesses gain a competitive advantage and see the results desired most by using facts and objective data to make smart, strategic business decisions.

When we work together, you’ll gain clarity. More clarity means you’ll be empowered to take confident action and do more in less time, with less effort and less money. You’ll also learn as we go, feel supported, valued, and prioritized, and meet a few of our feline business partners too.

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