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Book A Data Strategy Power Hour

Perfect for those times you have more than a quick question but don’t need a full service package or aren’t ready to bring on an analytics and SEO partner.

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Sometimes An Extra Set Of Eyes Or A Fresh Perspective Makes All The Difference

When you’re making changes to your website, content, and pages confirming your approach with an SEO expert can make sure you’re on the right track and prevent mistakes.

When doing keyword research and evaluating SEO data, it can be helpful to get the perspective of an unbiased specialist so you can move fast and make confident decisions.

When figuring out what metrics to track and what data matters to your business, it’s often helpful to talk it through with an analytics pro.

When working in analytics software, setting up tracking pixels and event tracking, and making sure everything is working properly, a quick review by an analytics expert to make sure you’ve got it set up correctly provides incredible peace of mind.

And sometimes you just need to pick the brain of a trusted expert and ask a few questions to get unstuck!

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We’re Here To Help

You can use your 50-Minute Data Strategy Power Hour to talk through a challenge and get advice, present a problem and get recommendations, or ask questions and get answers.

Your Questions Answered

Let’s Talk Through Your Analytics Challenge Or Answer Your SEO Question

Whether you’re a business owner tackling your own analytics implementation and SEO, or you were assigned an analytics or SEO-related task and would feel so much better with some input from a pro, we’re here to help.

While we can’t “do the work” in 50 minutes, we can answer your questions, share advice, provide recommendations, review your work, and get you unstuck.

Book A Data Strategy Power Hour For $300 CAD

Book A Data Strategy Power Hour

All Data Strategy Power Hours are paid in advance and held via Zoom. You’ll receive a link once you have scheduled your session and your payment is processed. Please reach out if you have questions.