Start from the ground up

Metrics That Matter Sets You Up With A Solid Foundation

Gain peace of mind knowing your website analytics are set up properly and that you’re gathering the right data to improve your website and attract more of the leads, clients, customers, students, members, attendees, and subscribers you want.

Analytics is hard

Often Feels Easier To Stick Your Head In The Sand

You’ve likely ignored looking at your business data until now because it’s felt too big and complicated and confusing, and you’re already busy enough. Or, if you have tried to use your data to make more strategic decisions, you’ve probably run into three major blockers:

  1. You have no specific metrics defined and no plan.
  2. The reports you have access to feel chaotic.
  3. You engage in sporadic, random acts of marketing.

light the way forward

Even A Little Data, If It’s The Right Data, Can Make A Big Difference

Putting a data strategy and plan in place for your business, even a simple one, gets rid of three major frustrations by answering these questions:

  1. Why do I want to understand my data? What do I want to accomplish?
  2. What questions should I be asking about my goals and data?
  3. What metrics matter to my business? What should I pay attention to?
  4. How do I read and understand analytics charts and reports?
  5. How do I interpret my data so I know what to do next and can act on it?

Begin where you are

Everyone Starts At The Same Place

Nobody knew exactly what they were doing when they started looking at their data, much like nobody hops behind the wheel of a car for the first time and drives like they have 30 years of experience on the road.

They stuck it out and got over the frustrations of learning to drive because they wanted to drive. And wanting to make better decisions about your business and turning it into what you envision keeps you going through the early stages of learning to use your data.

Build the base to grow

Start Small And Ramp Up

Metrics That Matter is designed to help you understand the foundation of using analytics in your business. It walks you through the initial baby steps of:

Identifying the basic metrics you need to recognize messaging misalignment and areas for website improvement.

Setting up analytics so you can track and review those metrics.

Learning how to read and act on your analytics data.

The focus is on answering early-stage questions about your website that lead to better, more refined, strategic questions because curiosity and questions are the basis of analytics. Without asking the right questions, you end up with a bunch of general data that is overwhelming and not very helpful.

Your Metrics That Matter Experience Doesn’t Jump Right Into KPIs And Complex Analytics Concepts

It eases you into data-driven decision-making by helping you get comfortable working with your data at a foundational level. In essence, we recommend that you date your business for a while and get to know it in a whole new way.

Then, as you feel more comfortable using data to make simple decisions and you’re ready to track and leverage more complex data, we can explore an ongoing analytics consulting partnership to help you do better business.

hard doesn’t mean impossible

The Hard Truth Is, Analytics Isn’t Easy

Most people who start and give up do so because they cannon-balled off the edge of the analytics cliff rather than wading in from the beach down below. They went too deep too fast and got totally overwhelmed — and the little bit of data they did understand left them frustrated and not very happy.

You deserve better.

focus on what makes a difference

We Help Simplify Analytics And Set You Up For Success

With the right support, learning to use analytics in your business can be empowering.

Metrics That Matter helps you ask better questions and get better answers. Together, we’ll evaluate your website and basic analytics data to define the basic metrics that matter to your business so you can:

  • Discover what is working so you can do more of that.
  • Know what is only sort of working so you can drive better results.
  • Learn what isn’t working and what needs to be fixed.

introductory pricing

Your Metrics That Matter Investment is $750 CAD

What’s Included

  • Audit Google Analytics (GA4), Google Tag Manager, and Google Search Console account set up
  • Set up Google Analytics (GA4), Google Tag Manager, and Google Search Console if necessary
  • Configure custom events and other settings needed for the Metrics That Matter dashboard
  • Setup the Metrics That Matter dashboard in your Looker Studio account (reporting tool)
  • Complete the companion Measurement Plan
  • Monitor the Metrics That Matter dashboard for a 30 days to ensure data is collecting and reporting properly
  • 60 minute call to review what was done and how to use the dashboard and plan

What’s Not Included

  • Assessment or insights of the results
  • Customizations
  • Business specific strategies or consultation
  • Monthly reporting
  • Quarterly reviews

You’re in charge

How Fast You Achieve Your Goals Is Up To You

When you’re driving, your dashboard reports information about your vehicle. When you’re investing in marketing and your website, GA4 and other measurement tools report information about how they’re performing. Making sure that the data you get is actually useful and applicable to your business is where the rubber meets the road.

You are the driver and it’s up to you to know how to operate your vehicle. You are the boss of your business and it’s up to you to wield the tools available to get the results you want.

The quality of your data depends on the quality of your plan and strategy and with Metrics That Matter we help you put a foundational plan in place so you can ease into using data to understand your website and how people interact with it and make better business decisions that support your business goals.

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