Delivering Results-Driven Websites That Help Businesses Grow

In today’s always-on, interconnected world, business owners seeking growth understand that having a website goes without question. A good looking website offers a level of credibility that social media doesn’t convey but good looking isn’t good enough.

There being more to a well-designed website than good looks. A website has a job to do…and it is expected to do that job well.

A successful website forms, nurtures, and deepens relationships with the right visitors, customers, and fans — and leads them to conversions.

Visitors should be engaged, and able to easily navigate through relevant pages on their mobile device or laptop to find the answers, services, or products they need most.

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Unfortunately, most business websites don’t do their jobs.

The business may have outgrown what the website currently reflects or never met expectations in the first place. While frustrating, websites are rarely once-and-done. As a business grows and evolves, its website also needs to grow and evolve — and often, problems that seem overwhelming are really positive signs of growing pains that need to be addressed.

Making Websites Work

That is where TriSphere Consulting makes a difference. Our focus is making sure a company’s website serves the business and makes life easier. When a website does its job and is designed well, it can act as a valuable employee.

Below you’ll find a handful of client stories that highlight common online issues and concerns, as well as the solutions we delivered to improve performance, simplify and clarify content management, and ensure their websites help them reach their business goals.

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Solving Problems, Delivering Solutions


Taste of High River

The new website brought highly desired exposure and organization needed for attracting customers to local restaurants in the area. The website also serves as the only online listing for some local eateries enabling them to be found in search results now. 

  • Problem

    The food & beverage business community had a sparse online presence for those new to the area or visiting. Without a more complete directory of places to eat, the less well-known local establishments were being overlooked. A complete directory of local businesses, restaurants and grocery stores in this case, was needed to educate locals and visitors of the area about the various offerings.

  • Solution

    TriSphere designed the Taste of High River website using custom entries for standardizing a complete directory of local restaurants. Tournament participants and visitors to the area along with locals can easily find the cuisine of their choice in town.


Blue Bucket Cleaning Services

Within three months of launching the refreshed website on a new platform, more inquires and clients had been brought in than in the many years using their old DIYed website.

  • Problem

    The business was relocating to a new city and needed to quickly establish an online presence in the area to attract new clientele.

  • Solution

    Blue Bucket Cleaning Services needed an updated new look for their website to coincide with their recent business relocation. With a simple rebranding of their name, logo, and colours, TriSphere Consulting was able to enhance their business image and deliver the fresh start they were looking for!


Trio Music Studio

A fresh new working website on a trusted platform gave the client peace of mind to continue having an online presence and the breathing room to consider future directions for branding and enhancing content.

  • Problem

    Several previous frustrating experiences with web hosts on top of technical issues trying to build their website brought the owner to nearly taking the drastic measure of deleting their website. They felt having no online visibility had to be less stressful and challenging than what they were dealing with.

  • Solution

    Trio Music Studio needed an appealing and low maintenance website for their music business. The frustration of repeatedly dealing with technical issues was worse than the thought of having no website presence at all. And…with the renewal date fast approaching, TriSphere Consulting worked quickly to redesign the new website using existing content with an updated interface to go live without missing a step.


High River Halloween & High River Christmas

Event promotion and awareness throughout an extended holiday season became multiple times easier with a single current and consistent place to direct people for information. Efforts to track and collect sponsor payments were reduced with new ability to accept credit card payments from the website.

  • Problem

    A local non-profit wanted a singe place for residents and visitors to look up holiday events and activities happening in the area.

  • Solution

    TriSphere Consulting created "one-stop-shop" websites to spotlight the non-profit's popular holiday events and activities in the area. High River Halloween and High River Christmas were designed specifically with a fun festive feel to add to the holiday spirit. In addition to centralizing information, the ability to accept parade entries, submissions for contests, and receive sponsorships and payments were incorporated to streamline those processes and reduce paperwork.

Make your website work for you

If you want a website that works even harder than you do — one that is easily found by people searching for what you do and one that engages with your audience and turns browsers into buyers, let's discuss how to turn your website into your most valuable asset. 

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