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We’re Lorraine Watson and Bonnie Duckett, and more than twenty years ago we founded TriSphere Consulting Inc. A lot has changed in the decades since, and so have our services. We started with analysis and software support, moved to include business consulting, and then made the leap into digital marketing.

The common thread throughout was making technology work better for people so they could do their work more easily. We’ve done our job well if we’ve solved the problem as well as brought a fresh perspective on what is possible.  We love using our skills and experience to help businesses be more visible online, turn website visitors into clients, and become more successful with less stress. 

Lorraine Watson

Lorraine Watson

Big picture info nerd, cat lover & potato fiend
Gabby the cat

Gabby The Boss

Ruler of servants, demander of scratches, stickler for routines
Bonnie Duckett

Bonnie Duckett

Numbers nerd, vegetable gardener & puzzle solver

Where do you need help?

  • You need to figure out why your website isn’t working

    Several reasons can be behind why your website isn’t performing the way you want. A website redesign won’t resolve many of them, and can actually make your website’s performance worse. Set yourself on the right path forward by assessing your website and other aspects of your online world before jumping into changes. You'll save yourself a whole lot of time, effort, money, and unnecessary frustration.

  • You need to be visible online

    Getting found online starts with understanding those who are searching to solve the problem that you can fix. We help you communicate through your website what you do, who you can help, and what you offer with a deeper level of clarity so that people - and search engines - know you're a good match for them.

  • You need leads and clients

    Being #1 in Google search is considered to be the Holy Grail of SEO. WRONG. Holding down the top spot in Google means nothing if your right  people aren't clicking through to your website and taking action. Understanding your audience and their buying journey, followed by baking that into your website is key to attracting the leads and clients behind your sustainable growth in revenue.

  • You need your website to do more

    For as much as we all dream of a stellar website, good looks aren’t everything. Building a better website from the foundation up is more important. Your website should be a highly-valued, solid performing member of your team. With tasks off your plate, you can spend more time on your business or create some breathing space in your personal life.

  • You need to ditch the tech migraines

    Being online allows you to grow and be nimble with your business. But you didn’t intend to become a “computer nerd” when you went into business. The last thing you need to be doing is keeping up with SEO or constantly changing your website. That doesn't mean you can't have peace of mind that your website is safe, solid and remains current as your business changes.

We love cats - might even be a little obsessed

We are as passionate about cats as we are about helping businesses Succeed

  • Sleeping-cat-2

    We know what the trenches are like

    Our early days being on the help desk and doing software training every day meant we were talking with real people with real problems who needed to do their job. These experiences instilled the sense people come first and how to leverage technology to make their life easier, not more complicated.

  • Sleeping-cat-1

    We see issues using peripheral vision

    Having backgrounds as business analysts and software programmers, we’re always looking to the bigger picture, smaller details, and outside edges of what’s going on in your business and website. We're looking to make your website perform better for you within the bigger context of your business. 

  • Sleeping-cat-4

    We know roadblocks get in the way

    Clarity is everything. Businesses run into problems but can’t see a way forward. Roadblocks are an opportunity to explore the changes needed to move to the next level. The analyst's objective eyes combined with asking the right questions can turn roadblocks into speed bumps on the path to growing again.

  • Sleeping-cat-6

    We hear the story your data has to tell

    Some call us “data whisperers,” and Bonnie in particular. When it comes to analytics, instead of seeing a jumble of numbers like many do, we see useful information that can help you make better decisions as well as identify opportunities to pursue that you might not have thought of otherwise.

  • Sleeping-cat-3

    We know tech can be as clear as cats

    We've spent a lifetime of trying to understand cat with varying degrees of success. You shouldn't have to spend a lifetime trying to understand tech to get what you need for your business either. Taking the lingo out of conversations is important to us for you to be confident making informed decisions.

  • Sleeping-cat-5

    We get there’s a real world at work

    One thing software and websites have in common is they work great until they don’t. They don't exist in a vacuum. A website is (re)designed according to what is known at a particular point in time. Your website needs to be flexible and adapt to changes in you, your clients, your business or external forces.

Volunteering is our hobby

We love being of service in our community as much as we love working with our clients.

Too many good initiatives would struggle or never start without the contributions and initiative of volunteers. Whether individually or in a group, magic happens when people who care take action and make a difference for others.

If you see us about and about, make sure you wave and say "Hey!" We'd love to chat.

Pay it forward

In addition to volunteering our time and skills for several local projects and Town Committees, we manage the websites of two animal rescues. 

To support others who are doing good in their own community, we offer special pricing on select services for non-profits and societies.

Website components

Gift a working website

Individuals or businesses often have a favourite charity, non-profit, or society they know could increase volunteers, donors, and their reach with a better website or increased visibility online. Contact us to discuss how you can gift the perfect solution to your favourite organization and make a difference in the lives of many.

You know what you need

There's no point staying stuck where you are when there's a next step you can take to move forward. You deserve to have the right website working for you. 

Let's chat about what you really want, where you need help, and how to make that happen.

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