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We Love Data Analytics, Strategic Action, Small Business, And Cats

The cats think they come first — and we let them because a grumpy cat can be more work than a grumpy client. Luckily, we rarely ever have grumpy clients.

The TriSphere COnsulting team

With Our Team, You Gain 20+ Years Of Experience In Data Analysis, Business Consulting, and Practical Application

Lorraine Watson

An unapologetic introvert, potato fiend, and big picture nerd making websites, SEO, and marketing tactics work to generate leads, boost conversions, and grow businesses.

Gabby a cute grey cat with bright yellow-green eyes

Gabby The Boss

A ruler of servants, demander of scratches, and stickler for routines making herself known by meowing, laying on keyboards, and participating in Zoom meetings.

Bonnie Duckett

A business systems and data analyst, vegetable gardener, puzzle solver, and numbers nerd answering questions and providing insights that drive action and move the needle.

The Struggle Is Real

Running, Sustaining, And Growing A Business Isn’t Easy

If you’re like most people we speak to, you’re frustrated. You’re smart, great at what you do, and making sales, and your business is successful. But, it’s not where you want it to be.

You’re doing all the right things and working hard but…

  • Website traffic is inconsistent and low. Not enough people are finding you online.
  • Website visitors don’t stay long and not enough are subscribing, inquiring, joining, signing up, or buying.
  • Inbound leads are are sporadic and you’re riding a roller coaster of revenue peaks and valleys.

You’re sick and tired of inconsistency and want predictability. You want to know that what you spend your time, energy, and money on will pay off and move you closer to your goals.

Laptop showing a spreadsheet, printed reports with charts, and a sleeping cat

Everything You Want Is Possible But…

Assumptions Are Not Solutions And Hope Is Not A Strategy

Before working with us, nearly all of our clients avoided looking at their data because they didn’t know what to look at, want bad news, or to face the reality of what was happening in their businesses. But that only works if you’re happy with where you’re at and your current results.

That’s Not You, You Want More

You want to grow your business, build your email list, attract more leads, more clients, and more sales, fill your membership or course, and sell out your events, and do it strategically, with as little time, effort, and money as possible.

That means you need to measure the metrics that matter to your business model and use that data to drive your decisions and actions.

And we’re here to help.

Relief Is On It’s Way

With The Right Data Partner, Business Only Gets Better

When we work together, we tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear. It’s fantastic when they are the same thing, but usually that takes some time.

We Can’t Lie: Sometimes Clients Cry

But that initial cry is often fueled by relief!

  • Relief that they finally have answers to why they’ve been so frustrated and what they’ve been doing isn’t working.
  • Relief that they finally have the right partner in place; one that is supportive and doesn’t make them feel dumb.
  • Relief that what they want and dream of is not just possible but absolutely doable and everything can only get better.

Sound good? We sure hope so!

We love solving problems, sharing insights, and creating light bulb moments.

Let’s Talk Data, Business, And Cats

We Use Analytics And SEO To Help You Succeed

We’re seasoned systems analysts and business analysts who have spent 20+ years putting our analytics and SEO expertise to work as software support, business consultants, digital marketing strategists, SEO pros, and WordPress website experts.

The common thread: Making technology work harder for business owners so they can do their work more easily. That’s what we hope to do for you too — to improve your existing website, make your digital marketing more effective, and drive the right metrics up and to the right.

Interested? Share a few details about your business, goals, and what you’ve done so far, and we’ll chat. If you’re lucky, you’ll also meet Gabby!

Get Started Today!

Volunteering Is Our Hobby

We’re As Passionate About Cats And Community As We Are About Small Business Success

We love being of service in our community. Whether individually or as part of a group, magic happens when people who care come together and take action to make a difference for other people and their communities.

  • We volunteer for projects like the High River Santa Claus Parade, Little Britches Parade, Light Up George Lane Park, Light Up High River, Wild Rose FoodConnexx, Friends of High River Rotary Club, Town of High River 2042 Town Plan Committee, and the Town of High River Protective Services Advisory Committee.
  • We give our time to bottle-feed orphaned kittens, foster felines who need home, and run fundraisers for animal rescues.
  • We provide pro-bono website management services for local animal rescues: Feline Rescue Foundation of Alberta (FRFA) and Heaven Can Wait Animal Rescue Foundation.

If you see us out and about volunteering, we’d love to connect and chat! Be sure to wave and say “Hey!”

Lorraine and Bonnie Volunteering For A Community Food Delivery Program
Bonnie And Lorraine Volunteering In The Community

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