The right website makes all the difference

Transform your under-whelming website into a high-performing member of your team

Feeling frustrated your website isn't working for you

If you’re like many businesses, valuable time and money is being wasted on a website that is taking up space and doing nothing for your business. Maybe you’ve even thought that’s probably a good thing because you really don’t want anybody seeing your website at all. When they do get there, nobody seems to stick around. You certainly don’t hear from them.

The frustration is real. 

In all honesty, writing off your website and avoiding online marketing altogether would solve a lot of headaches. Social media has been frustrating and not generating clients either. You’ve been doing well enough in the real world up to now so why bother?

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Except. you. are. here.

You know the importance of having a website. You recognize your website is a problem. You just want your website to work.

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What is the right website?

Clients want to work with owners and providers they like, know, and trust. You'll hear this repeatedly because it's true. By understanding your audience’s needs at different stages of their buying journey, and delivering what they need, you demonstrate your expertise and credibility in building that all important relationship your clients are seeking. 

There are only so many hours in the day and you only have so much energy to do that kind of networking, marketing, and customer service. Your time has limits.

Your website, however, is available to work 24/7.

The right website works strategically to place you in front of your right audience at the right time. No matter what time of day your prospect is searching for answers or what stage in their buying journey, your website is available to connect with them on behalf of your business. 

Focus on people, not clicks

When your website isn’t bringing in leads and clients, you’re not meeting them where they are with what they need. 

Change that.

In today's online world, a pretty website is not enough

If your website isn’t delivering the results you were hoping for, looking at a redesign seems like a reasonable idea. If great clients aren’t showing up, obviously, there must be something wrong with how your website looks.

Hold. The. Phone.

The problem with a pretty website that has no substance is just that - pretty. People are savvy these days and catch on quickly. When they don’t find what they’re looking for, they’re gone. 

A good looking website looks good because it enhances and highlights the content and actions visitors need to know. Even hideous websites can attract clients because they deliver what the visitor is looking for.

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You deserve more than pretty

You deserve an effective website that helps you reach your goals. A pretty website is only a small part of the solution. The content, what goes in your website, is the secret sauce. By strategically thinking about your content you clarify: 

what your business is

who you serve

how you solve their problem

Being able to communicate clearly about your business and delivering what your audience needs at the right time is what works to make you:

visible and get found

distinct from the competition

resonate with your right audience

3 steps to a website that works for you

To have the right website working for you, you need an approach that puts clarity and content considerations first, and design second — and that starts with the 3-step framework to turn your underwhelming website into a top performer.

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Assumptions aren’t solutions

Change starts with assessing where you are, not guessing or assuming. With objective, data-backed analysis of your business situation, your next steps will head in the right direction.


Blueprints create visions

Cookie-cutter plans produce cookie-cutter outcomes. Leverage your competitive advantage to set yourself apart. Combine your business, your audience, and your competition in a unique position.


Movement creates results

Sustainable growth thrives on solid ground. Results come from first steps focused on building a sound foundation that lead to having your right website being a top performer on your team.

Why your website needs these 3 keys

The right website for your business comes from the process of 1) assessing your situation and where you want to be, 2) having a plan to get where you want to go, and 3) getting the work done.

More often than you care to imagine, the approach is missing one - or two - of these phases. The result is wasted time on partial solutions and your site still doesn’t deliver results for your business. Our holistic framework sets up your website to support you and your business goals for the long term.

Being on stable ground

Consider a 3-legged stool. Remove a leg and you constantly fight to stay upright or find yourself flat on the ground.

Same goes for your website. Skip one - or worse yet, two - of the key areas and everything starts to unravel and lands flat. You end up with an underperforming website that sits there and looks nice, but does nothing for your business.

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What you'll hear

They thoroughly assessed my website, and recommended a strategy that meets me where I am and where I want to go. They made the plan doable and focused, so I will get the most out of my efforts. It feels great to finally have a clear strategy in place.

Reva Petwardhan

Greater Good Coaching

While many service providers are quick to prescribe generic solutions, Lorraine asks the right questions that get to the core of issues and has the knowledge and experience to provide individualized solutions that are second to none.

Kyle Van Deusen

OGAL Web Design

Thank god for Lorraine. I've known her for years and have sent many clients her way. She's down to earth, nerdy about tech and knows marketing too. That's who you want helping you with your WordPress website.

Tad Hargrave

Marketing For Hippies

Time for change

If you’re tired of throwing money, time, and energy at a website that isn’t producing the results you want, let’s talk about how you can get the right website working for you. 

Tell us more about how you arrived here, and more importantly, what you want to achieve.

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