Put Your Data To Work

Focus On The Metrics That Matter And Make Strategic Decisions That Move Your Business Forward

When business decisions are based on the analysis of real data and insights from objective facts (not emotion), you gain the confidence and clarity needed to run your business like a boss and finally stop relying on guessing, googling, and whole lot of hope.

It’s time for more efficient marketing, search engine optimization, and business growth.

Analytics + SEO COnsulting

Data-Driven Small Businesses Have A Competitive Advantage

Some people might say being data-driven is an unfair advantage. We say it’s a smarter approach to maximizing the ROI for everything you’re doing to get found, get people to your website, and get them to take action while there.

We help small businesses use the same technology and data analytics tools big businesses use to know exactly what’s happening in their digital worlds and what to do next.

Analytics can show you how people are interacting and engaging with your brand on social media and through email, what they’re doing (and not doing) on your website, and how you stack up against your competition. Plus, when you know what metrics matter for your business, and you track those metrics, you can make accurate, smart, strategic decisions about where you invest your time, energy, and money.

Analytics + Action = Goal Acceleration

Gain Insight That Moves The Needle

In a visual world, pretty gets prioritized a lot — and you might think you need pretty too. But pretty websites, glossy Instagram grids, and fancy emails don’t matter all that much if they’re not expanding your reach, driving traffic to your website, and persuading people to buy. Instead, you need your digital assets to work pretty hard (so you don’t have to work quite as hard).

If You Are Just Getting Started With Data…

Our Metrics That Matter service sets up your analytics foundation.

We’ll identify metrics that matter to your business, ensure your analytics work properly, provide a Dashboard to track and review your data, and teach you what to do with it.

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If You Are Ready To Do More With Data…

Our Better Business Partnership covers what you need from A-Z.

We’ll get to know your business, assess its current state and digital world, architect a strategic plan to get you from where you are to where you want to be, and act on it.

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If You Need Help With Data Strategy…

Our Data Strategy Power Hours give you the ability to pick our brains.

Don’t need us to do the work but want some help from a pro? No problem! We love answering questions, sharing advice, talking shop, and helping you get unstuck.

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20+ Years Of Business Analysis

We’ve Peeked Behind The Curtains Of A Lot Of Small Businesses

The reality is that most small businesses are flying by the seats of their pants and making decisions using poor quality data, inaccurate data, or no data at all because this $h!t is hard.

If you’re not basing decisions on metrics matched with your business model and goals, or your web designer installed analytics on your website but you haven’t done more than peek at the widget in your dashboard, you’re not alone.

Here’s the good news:

  • You found us and you’re here now.
  • You’re ready to do business better.
  • We can help — it’s what we do best.

Our Clients Are Just Like You

Here’s What They Have To Say

“Lorraine and Bonnie assessed my website and recommended a strategy that meets me where I am and where I want to go. They made my plan doable and focused, so I will get the most out of my efforts. It feels great to finally have a clear strategy in place.”

Reva Petwardhan
Greater Good Coaching

“While many service providers are quick to prescribe generic solutions, Lorraine asks the right questions that get to the core of issues and has the knowledge and experience to provide individualized analytics and SEO solutions that are second to none.”

Kyle Van Deusen
OGAL Web Design

“Thank god for Lorraine. I’ve known her for years and have sent many clients her way. She’s down to earth, nerdy about technology and knows business and marketing too. That’s who you want helping you get more from your WordPress website.”

Tad Hargrave
Marketing For Hippies

Our Expertise In Your Back Pocket

Make Your Data A Valuable Business Asset That Informs Strategic Decisions

Putting analytics to work in your business means more than creating a Google Analytics account, installing a plugin on your website, or having a fancy dashboard. It means bench-marking where you’re at, defining where you want to go, and creating a custom data strategy to get you there.

It’s what we do day in and day out, so sit back and relax because when you have us in your back pocket, you don’t need to become a data expert on top of everything else.

Been here before and ready to get started?

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Level Up Your Understanding

Articles + Insights That Help You Use Data

Learn about analytics and how to use data to improve your small business website, SEO, marketing, and conversion rates in plain, simple, easy-to-understand language.

Business owner looking at business metrics that matter

How To Identify The Metrics That Matter To Your Business

The analytics data you need to make strategic decisions and drive desired results depends on your business model, stage of growth, offers, audience, and goals. Learn about defining the metrics that matter most to your business.

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Laptop screen showing an analytics dashboard to help a small business owner make data-driven decisions

How Analytics Can Improve Your Website And Boost Conversions

You invested time, energy, and money into building your business website. Ensure it does its job to position your offers, build your email list, generate leads, and make sales by using analytics data to drive website improvements.

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Lightbulbs to represent how analytics data illuminates business decisions

The Business Impact Of Using Analytics And SEO To Make Decisions

If you’re using guesses, google, and assumptions to make critical business decisions, there’s a better way. You can know with confidence, what to do, change, or remove to improve rankings, traffic, engagement, and conversions.

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